Our sustainability strategy has two specific areas of focus: People and Environment.

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Our People

An important part of our approach involves Inspiring Future Generations when and where we can. That can mean attending careers fairs, hosting talks, mentoring, arranging work experience, shadowing, and much more.


As well as investing in our future engineers we want to make sure all young people have the knowledge and inspiration to make clear choices about their career path.


To do so, we work with educational institutions at all levels from primary through to postgraduate university level. In particular, we have developed close relationships with the Institute of Chemical Engineers in Aberdeen and London, and various other local establishments. 


For our people, the aim is to create and sustain an inclusive and respectful working environment through extensive learning and development programmes. As part of that process we have developed a series of employee-led networks that span several areas and interests.


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The Environment

One of the ways we have expressed our environmental commitment is our global pledge to reduce the use of single-use plastic. It’s a promise that every one of us in the business has signed.


Similarly, we’ve established a number of Green Teams and made specific commitments in carbon accountability.


And, as well as maintaining a relentless focus on energy efficiency, we have achieved a Gold SKA rating – that’s the environmental assessment method, benchmark and standard led by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in the UK.

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